Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Daily salad

by kiki dogwood

It’s what’s for dinner.

bowl of lettuce (romaine, oak, baby spinach– sold as Spring Mix at the grocery store)

10 pecan halves or walnuts

2 tablespoons feta

2 tablespoons Brianna’s Ginger Mandarin Dressing (you will find no better salad dressing on the face of the planet)

1 cutie (Clementine) orange, separated into 8 segments

Cover the bowl with a plate, turn upside and shake shake shake.  You use less dressing if you toss the salad rather than pouring it on top.

340 calories and oranges are a goddamn superfood, so eat them.

elise bauer on flickr


8 Responses to “Daily salad”

  1. could i maybe use almond slivers or pine nuts instead? how would that be? actually, you know what? i’ll tell you how it is after i eat it for dinner tonight.

  2. Either one of those would work, too. Just measure out 100 calories worth. When in doubt, look it up, but it’s probably less than you think.

    I have eaten this for dinner every night for the past two weeks and I never get tired of it.

  3. holy SHIT but that’s a good salad. i forgot to get feta, and i used sunflower seeds (because i had some and didn’t feel like chopping almonds). i can’t wait to have it with the feta.

    why did nobody tell me about this dressing before?

  4. OK. this salad is even more amazing with the feta. you have changed my life.

  5. Sometimes if I’m starving and I haven’t had any meat that day, I’ll swing by Taco Cabana and pick up some fajita chicken and throw it in there instead of nuts.

  6. (chicken and beef fajita meat adds about 150 calories per serving)

  7. is that 150 calories more than it is with nuts? or do you get to subtract the nut cals, then add the meat?

  8. subtract, then add. It’s only about 50 calories more all together, if you keep your meat serving small.

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