Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

I want to go to there.

by margo fontaine

Reebok and Cirque du Soleil have come up with a new workout called Jukari Fit to Fly (“jukari” being Italian for “play”). It involves a trapeze-type apparatus and other things that hang from the ceiling, and it looks like a total blast to me.

One more reason for me to miss New York.


5 Responses to “I want to go to there.”

  1. Since Reebok is about the most expensive gym in the city I’m so sure you would have had a membership there.

    Remember when I did the trapeze? I ripped my armpits out. Armpits. Ripped out. You like that? I didn’t.

  2. This is the first I’m hearing about your armpits. I did gymnastics, though, so I think I know what you are talking about. Whatever. It looks fun to me and I want to try it.


  3. “Looks like fun” is exactly how I got suckered into the trapeze. But hey! I’m supportive of you.

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