Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

The workout

by kiki dogwood

Each day my cardio goal at the gym is 45 minutes.  Sometimes I make it, sometimes not.  Last night I did not make it, however, I did sprint two quarter miles so blow me, treadmill timer.

Then I’ll either work out upper body or lower body after cardio.  I know.  Complicated woman.  This is a run-down of my reps and weight, but keep in mind that I’ve only been back at this for a few weeks, so this is my feeling-like-myself-again-and-easing-back-into-it workout, not my showing off workout.

Symehawk on flickr

Dumbbells are the way to go; machines are for cheaters.

Shoulder press: 12 pound weights, 3 sets of 15

Tricep extension: 8 pound weights, 3 sets of 12

Lateral raise: 8 pound weights, 3 sets of 12

Bicep curl: 15 pound weights, 3 sets of 25

Lunge: carrying 10 pound weights, 3 sets of 20

Squat: keeping 12 pound weights in a bicep curl; 3 sets of 20

I work abs everyday.  Right now I do 2 sets of 50 crunches, but think that 250 is a better number to aspire to.

Apart from the very important sexy, skinny thighs, I focus on shoulders and triceps.  I barely work biceps, I’m not a huge fan of working pecs at all, and after walking miles a day in NYC I never work calves.  Why?  Because Italian women don’t work their calves and Italian leather knee boots don’t fit women who do.


2 Responses to “The workout”

  1. THANK YOU for posting this. My biggest problem is not having a set plan, and so I kind of fall apart when I’m not on my own. I do great when I have someone beating me into shape, which is weird because I don’t really love being told what to do. This is going to help me a lot.

    And I’m totally with you on the boots.


  2. When choosing the proper weight, have a goal of 12 in a set. You know you’ve got the right weight when you start to feel the burn at 6, but can make it to 10, and force yourself to squeeze out 2 more.

    If you start to feel the burn at 2, put it down.


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