Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Kick it.

by margo fontaine

The treadmills at the gym in my apartment complex were full again, so I decided to finally break open the copy of the P90X hoopla that I’ve been avoiding in search of some cardio. With that as my goal, I started with Cardio X, which was a decent workout in spite of the guy’s douchey chatter. Not as much constant cardio as I was expecting (after running in place came a yoga warm up), but I did like the fact things kept changing (circuit style) with 30 second segments. The standout move for me—the one I felt the most—is what they call a swing kick. I think it’s more of a fan kick, and you’ll need a chair or stool to do it.

Stand behind your chair (a stool will be easier) with the seat facing out. Lift your right leg in a sweeping motion over the top of the chair from left to right. Do the same with the left leg. Then repeat going the other way—the left leg going from right to left, followed by the right. All of this is to be done in quick session, keeping the movement going for 30 second intervals.

The movement goes a little something like this: *

But you don’t have to show off like this guy. You just have to clear the chair. (The lamé shorts are optional.)

*Jerks dis-embeded the video.  The link will take you to watch a really limber guy almost kick off his own face.


2 Responses to “Kick it.”

  1. You know what I hate? I hate warm ups. I hate cool downs. A warm up to me is doing the thing that you’re there to do, only a little more carefully so you don’t roll an ankle.

    I used to take hip-hop from a quasi-famous instructor in NYC and I told him once to quit wasting our class time with all of this warm-up/cool-down bullshit. We all thought it was just an easy way for him to get out of creating more choreography but no one had the balls to say it but me. After I told him that, class was perfect.


  2. I am totally with you. I think that doing ballet and having the barre has helped me to like warm ups a little bit more, but only if you are actually still having to WORK. But cool downs piss me off.


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