Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Run it

by kiki dogwood

Here’s the thing about not giving your all to cardio:  it doesn’t matter how motivated you are in the weight room– squeezing out extra squat reps or lunging your way across the building– if you’re carrying 20, or even 10 extra pounds on your frame.  Sure, you might be healthier and you might be stronger, but you’ll pretty much look the same:  like a lumpy blob of mashed potatoes.  Mashed potato thighs are not our goal here.  You’ve got to burn the fat off in order to see the results.  I’m not saying go 100% cardio and skip the weights for the time being either, because when you build muscle you raise your metabolism.  It’s the only way.  Each pound of muscle that you build allows you to burn an extra 50 calories a day even while you’re just sitting on your ass.  And putting on a pound of muscle takes a lot of work, so don’t be telling me that you think you gained muscle if the scale goes up, because you probably didn’t.  So both the cardio, and the weight training, are crucial to the sexy, skinny thighs.

sundevilstormin on flickr

To keep you motivated, I’ve created an hour-long playlist from my itunes that’ll help get you moving in the beginning and keep you moving to the end.  It builds in intensity, as should your cardio.  Nothing fucks up an inspired run like an unsuspected downer Norah Jones song popping up in the random function on the ipod, causing you to struggle, fumbling with sweaty fingers, to forward to something better.

No need to buy these songs because I’ll give you a CD on Saturday.

Dead Sound                           The Raveonettes
Paper Planes                          M.I.A.
The Band Marches On             Ghostland Observatory
Mercy                                    Duffy
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’          Scissor Sisters
Time to Pretend                      MGMT
Disturbia                                Rihanna
SexyBack                               Justin Timberlake
Hung Up                                Madonna
So What                                 P!nk
Womanizer                             Britney Spears
Single Ladies                          Beyoncé
Since U Been Gone                  Kelly Clarkson
When I Grow Up                     The Pussycat Dolls
Mama Said Knock You Out        LL Cool J


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  1. I’m in love with you.


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