Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Old School Inspiration

by margo fontaine

Cyd Charisse

One of the best pair in the history of legs, and she wasn’t exactly a tiny delicate flower. In this day of ridiculous celebrity toothpick legs, it’s nice to remember that skinny thighs come in more than one shape.


8 Responses to “Old School Inspiration”

  1. Where is her cellulite?

  2. okay, so it’s not cellulite in the way that i have cellulite, but it’s not exactly super smooth or retouched to death either (which is odd considering the other work done to that photo).

    but on another note: LOOK AT HER UPPER BODY. and, well, the rest of it. unfair.

  3. Um, she IS very skinny… are you on crack?

    also, where are all these thin legs? Christina Hendricks, Kat Dennings, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, ALLO????

  4. Welcome, new friend! No, I’m not on crack. Didn’t you hear the news about Whitney? That shit’s deadly. (Too soon?)

    For the record – I don’t remember exactly, because it was a year ago, but – I think this is the pic Kiki was talking about (since her original link is broken now):

    It’s true, she is thin. But by today’s standards (for example:, I wouldn’t even call it thin. I’d say she was FIT. Healthy, even. That lady had a slammin’ bod. AND she knew what to do with it.

    My point was that there are different types of slammin’ bods. For example, all of the ones you mention. In fact, just the other day, I was talking about this smokey number:

    Kiki, where’s that Christina Hendricks post?

  5. Where I called broadway actresses snoozy?

  6. You know I was only saying that to get under your skin, right?

  7. HA! Sorry, I missed that. I was distracted by, well, these:

  8. “To my cyber face!”

    I did end up renting the first box set of Mad Men and slowly got engrossed in it. But then the secretary was pregnant and it was the last show of the set and we didn’t get anymore, so don’t tell me what happens.

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