Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Dear McDonald’s, located so conveniently down the street

by kiki dogwood

Stop calling, stop calling
I don’t wanna talk anymore
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor

no pockets for my southern style chicken sandwich


5 Responses to “Dear McDonald’s, located so conveniently down the street”

  1. no bib for your cinnimelts.


  2. I wasn’t even going to tell you this.

    Remember when you asked me about getting that stain out? I thought to myself, I didn’t even get greasy stains so I wouldn’t know. THAT DAY I cheated with another cinnamelt and got butter on one of my favorite t-shirt that I’ve had for years. I washed it, dried it, and there was a greasy stain. And I deserved that. It’s out now, but that was my last cinnamelt. I swear.


  3. See, and don’t you feel better? (Try dishwashing liquid on the greasy stain. It didn’t work for the wax oil I was asking about, but I have used it on butter before, and it’s worked great, even after the dryer. Rub it into the stain and let it sit, then wash and let me know what happens.)


  4. I said it’s gone now, duh.

    J/k. I put stain stick on it overnight and washed again. Lesson learned. Wear a bib with cinnamelts.

    Kidding!!! God! No more McDonald’s. We will have to pretend that the MickyD’s a mile away burned down, just like the one near my house where I grew up did. Do you know what a mind fuck that is on a hungover Sunday morning when all you want is a your sausage McMuffin? And McDonald’s is in ashes? God. Traumatic.


  5. Ummmm… i just looked up the caloric content of those things. Yikes!! I was recently struggling to lose 10 brand spanking new boyfriend cohabitation pounds (hence my hour of cardio 5x weekly) and only managed with good old fashioned calorie budgeting (using the Lose It app on the iPhone)…good news is you still get your cinnamelt, bad news is no dinner. But it works 🙂

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