Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Friday fat check (on Saturday)

by kiki dogwood

ericchoon on flickr

See that?  That’s for you, scale.  What’s your problem, anyway?  Do you need your batteries charged?  Do you need to be thrown out the window?  You are fucking with me and I know it.  What you said today is not even possible so you’d better watch your mouth.  We’re not going to talk about what happened this past week.

Let’s start again, shall we? No Cinnamelts.  No alcohol.  A lot more vegetables and a little more fruit.  No fast food whatsoever.  If I’m that starving then I sure would enjoy some cauliflower, otherwise I’m not starving.  Weight training 5 days a week and sprints 3.  Drinking nothing but water.  Go.


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