Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)


by kiki dogwood

It’s the difference of left to right.

Jennifer Love Hewitt


6 Responses to “Perhaps”

  1. yikes, she’s like half a person on the right! you think she weighs 120 on the right?


  2. I think this is about right. Jessica Simpson is 5’3″. (I didn’t want to post the picture because half of it isn’t beautiful photography.)

  3. No no she does not weigh 120 on the right. I’m 5’4 and about 120 and wouldn’t stand within ten feet of her on the right.

  4. Oh, Anon, we so like having you around these parts.


  5. I second!

    Hey, Kiks, do you think there might be some lens trick on the right? Or, more likely, that the whole photo got smooshed when they narrowed it to put it next to the bikini candid? Love has got some knockers on her, and that may be the first weight to go, but I’m just not buying that’s a true shot.


  6. Haha, happy to be here, ladies! I think it’s a real shot, but that she probably weighs closer to 100 lbs given her height. Remember the camera makes her look heavier so she’s probably normal human size on the left.

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