Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Some Friday thigh love

by kiki dogwwood

I love that she once wrote an article about how she accidentally got too skinny when she stopped playing tennis.  Oopsie.

anna kournikova

It is my greatest wish to have a butt so small that I can wear teensy panties and when they ride up they don’t even give me a wedgie.

pefect butt


5 Responses to “Some Friday thigh love”

  1. wow. i am obsessed with those thighs. i need them in my life and on my person. and i was going to say that i was happy we finally found a sexy shorty, but i just learned that she’s 5’8″, which is (once again) hugely unfair.

    SUCK IT, TALL GIRLS. (not you, kiki.)


  2. I would have thought she was petite, too.


  3. no, but seriously. how do we get these legs/this butt? i suck at tennis.


  4. Tennis is fun! The hubs used to play in college and he taught me how 2 years ago. I’m good enough that it’s not hard (so not much of a workout) but not nearly good enough to be so great that it’s a real workout. Stuck in a weird middle place.

    My kids are definitely going to get tennis lessons from the age of 5 because the pros have the most awesome bodies. This is the basis I’ll use to choose their sports. Swimming for the shoulders, tennis for the legs, soccer for the booty.

  5. I wish my mother had been so wise. I got gymnastics, which made me short and stalky. But I got good shoulders and decent arms, I guess.

    The last time I played tennis, I was losing and embarrassed so I decided to jump over the net for hilarity. It didn’t seem so hilarious when I hooked my toe on the net and landed face first on the concrete. It sure didn’t give me a Kournikova butt.


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