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Breakfast. Is it for champions?

by margo fontaine

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Everyone says it’s the most important meal of the day. I’ve never been a big breakfast for breakfast eater (I like breakfast for dinner or late night snack, and I’m a huge fan of the champagne brunch), but I have decided to try a little experiment and see if Everyone really knows what he’s talking about. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been eating a fruit and yogurt breakfast, and that has been working out pretty well. I have more energy during the morning, am less likely to “need” the morning latte, and am not ravenous by the time lunch rolls around.

Many experts say that eating fat in the morning burns fat (smart fats, people!), and people like our buddy Kat Eden encourage eating animal protein (as in meat, not just eggs) for breakfast every single day to start the metabolism on a high note right out of the gate.  The idea is that eating this way will actually help a person lose weight.  So, I’ve decided to try it.

This morning I got up early so that I’d have enough time to make and eat an omelet: 2 eggs, mushrooms, some Boar’s Head turkey, and half an ounce of cheddar cheese.  I know that deli meat is not ideal (though Boar’s head claims to be minimally processed, deli meat is usually high in sodium), but there’s only so much time and effort a girl can put in at 6am.  It was filling, but not too much food—although, I certainly felt much fuller than I normally do in the morning, and not in a way that I really enjoyed.  Maybe this will take some getting used to?  I’m not sure, but I’ll give it a shot.  It’s lunch time now and I don’t feel the slightest bit hungry.  But I’m going to eat a salad anyway, because the thing Everyone always says after breakfast being important is that skipping meals is bad for you.

I’m a little nervous about this, because so far the full-feeling feels like it has to mean weight gain.  But Kat was right about cardio, so I’m going to trust her on this… and see what my scale says on Friday.

Wish me luck.


18 Responses to “Breakfast. Is it for champions?”

  1. Here’s what you get for breakfast with Jenny: 4 bites of food. Lunch is 6, dinner is 8. You forget what it’s like to feel full.


  2. But how can that be?? Your self-prescribed Jenny plan is 500 calories more than I get. Are they full-of-flavor-and-deliciousness tiny meals?

    (I know it’s stupid, but it’s when I feel hungry that I feel my diet must actually be working.)


  3. Hmm. Let’s see what Kat says, but methinks you went from one extreme to the other. Fruit and yogurt are both sugars which you’ll burn through immediately. But if you’re so full it’s uncomfortable after that breakfast, you may have overdone it. Eggs are good, maybe plus lots of veggies and cut the meat or cheese. That way you keep under your caloric limit too.

    It’s true though, packing your calories into breakfast and removing them from dinner will help boost your metabolism, but perhaps not by Friday.. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away.

    And I’m leaving weds so you are stuck with me for another day! Hehehe.

  4. I tried so many foods for breakfast and was completely frustrated until a I was reintroduced to an old friend: oatmeal. Those little packets have 110 calories, 2 grams of fat, a bunch of fiber and it fills me up!

    My everyday breakfast: A packet of instant brown sugar/cinnamon oatmeal along with Berry Boost (with Chia Seeds) and my handful of multivitaminsI.

    I feel full until my mid morning snack!

  5. Anon, I actually still have 480 calories left! Unless The Daily Plate is lying to me. It wasn’t a huge breakfast at all, just more than the yogurt cup I’m used to. I hear what you’re saying, and I may adjust it throughout the week. All told, I have felt OK today. I didn’t want to run a marathon or anything, but I never got that 3:00 sleepy feeling, never felt even the twinge of a hunger pang, and the day flew by for me (but I’m not sure if that’s the breakfast). So, I’m keeping with the experiment for now and I’m glad you’ll be here to keep me in check!


  6. Thanks for the reminder, Faith. I always forget about oatmeal! I think it’s because I never liked it as a kid, and used to have it force-fed me every morning. We’ll see how this week goes, and maybe next week, I’ll take the oatmeal test.


  7. Oh gosh. No I am certainly not trying to keep anyone in check, just making suggestions! Also use quick regular oatmeal if you can (my daily breakfast) – sometimes the instant has lots of sugar or worse, HFCS and icky presevatives. Raw oats are just oats and take a minute or two in the microwave too. 🙂

  8. I LOVE oatmeal. I eat it everyday when I’m not on Jenny. So, Anon, I have a bag of steel-cut oats in the pantry that I’ve never opened because they take too long to cook. Are you telling me I can microwave those bitches?


  9. I don’t know about steel-cut (I heard, mysteriously, that kind of oatmeal has way more calories than regular oatmeal), but if you go to the store and buy the Quaker Oats/any other brand that says “Quick 1-minute” or “Quick and Easy” – they are the same oats as the other kind, but they slice them thinner so they cook faster. Throw a 1/2 cup of them in a bowl, put in some water til it covers the oats, and put it in in the microwave for 2-3 minutes (watch it to make sure it doesn’t overflow). I just keep an entire huge thing at work and make it in the morning, throw in some cashews for some protein or have a greek yogurt on the side. Super economical and WAY better for you than the instant stuff!

  10. You are our own little natural spring of knowledge! Margs, isn’t Anon making us think more than normal? Ouch! It hurts.

    That is interesting. But have you had steel cut oats? They really are delicious.


  11. Haha – sorry, don’t want to make anyone’s head hurt.

    I haven’t had them – but from the wealth of knowledge on that link, it makes sense they would be more delicious. If I can’t make them at work though, no dice. I wonder if you can microwave them? I will investigate.

    BTW, if either of you live near a Whole Foods, I discovered this little gem called “Maple Roasted Cashews” in the bulk aisle. They are actually SWEET cashews, and have fewer calories than regular roasted nuts because they aren’t made in oil!! SCORE! That’s still 160 calories per 1/4 cup so go easy on them, but putting them in my oatmeal is a dream because it adds a bit of sweet so I can skip the brown sugar and give me my protein. To. Die. For.

  12. All this talk of nuts is making me miss the roasted nut vendors on the streets of NYC. YOU know what I’m talking about Kiks. Definitely not for dieting, but I could die happy with a bag of those honey roasted almonds in my hand.

    (Thanks for the oat info! I think I still hate oatmeal, but I am going to try it starting next week.)


  13. Those suger coated calorie bombs? LOVED the cashews! Sometimes you’d get a weird one, but for 2 bucks they kicked ass.


  14. Definitely if you feel uncomfortable after breaky then cut it back, I would say. You could try one egg with a little meat. I just had smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, spinach and fetta (no toast), but that was after a big training sess. First thing I often just have a piece of leftover meat with some nuts. That’s an awesome combo to spark off ideal neurotransmitter function (make you feel good and burn fat all day!) … you don’t have to eat something the second you get up but at least within the first hour or so is ideal … also I’d recommend not relying too heavily on eggs if weight loss is a goal, they’re a high insulin protein. Fish, turkey, lean chicken are all good choices for low insulin proteins! So much to think about isn’t there!

  15. Thank so much, Kat! The last couple of days I have been having a bit of leftover chicken breast (1–1.5oz)—maybe 20 minutes after I get up and not really like a “meal” at all—and then a little later maybe some yogurt or fruit and I’ve felt more comfortable than that first day.

    I didn’t realize that about eggs and insulin protein, so thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely think about that differently now.

    My big question is what to do on the weekend since I tend to get up a bit later than during the week. If I’m up at 9 instead of 6, does that make a difference in the breakfast I should eat?


  16. No, just do much the same as what you’re doing now … a piece of meat soon after awakening, and go from there. No point trying to stuff extra food in just ’cause you would normally have been up 3 hours earlier! So long as you keep eating (ideally protein) regularly for the rest of the day you’ll be fine 🙂

  17. […] Eden’s meat for breakfast advice has turned out to be a bit of sorcery in terms of melting the pounds.  I’m ready to do […]

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