Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

102-day Shred

by kiki dogwood

Hey bitch, it’s been a while, right?  Remember when I used to run for 20 minutes and then, just for fun, you’d kick my ass in the living room at 9:00 at night?  And I’d cuss at you and call you names?  I’d live for the moment when you accuse me of believing a false message of lethargy just for taking the stairs.

I found this hot pic of you and even though you don’t normally tramp it up this hard, or look this orange, it’s getting me motivated.  So I was thinking, wanna come over tonight?  I have to weigh in tomorrow afternoon at Jenny Craig.  What do you say we get in a last chance workout?

I thought about photoshopping your skin color but this is your own fault


7 Responses to “102-day Shred”

  1. You know what, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her legs above the knee before.

    I’m going to do this with you guys tonight! Are we doing the running part, too?


  2. No! Running is for fat people. Unless you mean sprinting, then yes. Except that it’s going to snow tonight, so it’ll have to be at the gym.


  3. Yes, I meant sprinting. Good job leaving her orange, by the way.


  4. Hey, do you guys actually know each other? Like in real life? Or is this some sort of cyber-space-blog-induced-romance?

    I’m just curious. And damn, she is totally ho-ed out in this photo. I kinda like it. A little trash might suit her well now and again.

  5. *And by “romance”, I mean in the bromance sense. Except for women. You know.

  6. Of course we know each other. How else would we know what each other’s asses looked like?


  7. Oh I don’t know. Sometimes I see you guys saying hi over the blog, so I got confused. My brain is away already, don’t mind me.

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