Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Fingers crossed

by kiki dogwood

Weigh-in today at 5:00.  We’ll see if this $125 per week diet accomplished anything.  Whatdoyouwannabet my husband lost 6 pounds?  He doesn’t read this blog because he thinks we’re mean.  So I can say, “Bite me, husband!”

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5 Responses to “Fingers crossed”

  1. How does he know we’re mean if he doesn’t read this blog??? And I bet he did lose 6 pounds, because that’s how it works for dudes.

    Did you end up doing your revised calorie plan or going with the one they gave you for this week?



  2. Also: it’s totally mean for them to make you weigh at 5pm and fully clothed!


  3. I did 1700 calories. It was a perfect amount of food. Not having to eat all the time, but not starving, either.


  4. I’m doing 1200 and it’s fine-slash-I hate it. My trouble is that I always save up all my calories because I’m afraid to use them all up (see? HOARDER!!) and then at the end of the day I eat them all. Which is dumb. I need to spread them out, or eat more of them earlier in the day.


  5. When I’m done feeding this baby (maybe in the next 10 days?) I’ll have to drop down to 1200 with you, and it’ll be misery.


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