Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Chin up, Margo!

by kiki dogwood

Drink your water, lay off the caffeine, and for God’s sake that better have been a skinny margarita you had last night.  Why on Earth would you drink without me?  If you’re going to fail, come down here and I’ll either talk you out of it or we’ll fail together.  We have a bikini contest to win, missy.  This could be you!  Close your eyes and feel the waves smacking your Brazilian bottomed cooch already.

andra novac on flickr


One Response to “Chin up, Margo!”

  1. You’re a good friend, Kiks. Next time I’ll call you before hitting the tequila, I swear. Except there won’t be a next time because we have a bikini challenge to win, suckas.


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