Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Don’t fret, Kiki!

by margo fontaine

All will be well! This will be us on June 5th:

Rusted Chrome on flickr

Only we will be so much hotter than this little peanut, and the buff dreamy life guards at that famous local pool will be falling over each other to bring us towels and pop the tops of our Sofia Blanc de Blancs.  Do you hear me?  You needed a break and you took it.  Now it’s time to remember that a break is just a break and get back in the game.  And for heaven’s sake move a little.  Put the tot in a stroller and walk around the block.  You’ll feel better.  And once you put your focus back on that bikini challenge we are going to win, Jenny will taste better, too.

You can do it!


3 Responses to “Don’t fret, Kiki!”

  1. Margo brings the smiles! Me and the piglet will go for a walk. He’s still too little for stroller sprinting, unfortunately.


  2. Also, I forgot to tell you that the lychee martini is totally a Skinny Girl cocktail. So, give yourself some slack!


  3. Good thing I had two of them then!


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