Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Friday Fat Check

by margo fontaine

hoho0482 on flickr

ONE THIRTY SEVEN, BITCHES!!! That’s down 2.4 from last week and I think my scale might be broken because that can’t be right, can it? I mean, I’m not a dude. I’m going to go ahead and take it, though, and accredit it to two things. Well, three things:

1.) Meat for breakfast
2.) Stopping the calorie count
3.) Kiki’s famous pep talks

Continuing with the meat-for-breakfast experiment, as soon as I get up I’ll have one or two ounces of chicken breast or turkey meat. It’s not really an experiment anymore, and I don’t even think of it as part of breakfast, really. It’s just what I do now. And I recommend it. I definitely think it makes a difference.

When I say I don’t count calories, I don’t mean that I don’t pay attention to what I put in my mouth. I’m just not obsessing about it as much. Even though I was staying within my daily allotment, it was as if ALL I could think about was food ALL the time. And that can’t be good for a person. So, I have a general idea of what’s in things and what that means, and if I have a question about it, I look it up. And I don’t have that need-to-save-up-calories-so-I-don’t-run-out feeling during the day, or the have-to-use-up-all-my-calories feeling at the end of the day.

And seriously, folks. Get yourself a friend like Kiki. It will make it a whole lot easier to be badass. And much more fun.

Oh, yeah.  And since I haven’t said it yet, Internet, my goal weight is 127.  For now, anyway.  That’s mostly because I’m too chicken-shit to say 123.


4 Responses to “Friday Fat Check”

  1. You are such a bad ass meat-eating bitch!

    I’m so proud of you! You are going to look SMOKING HOT when we go try on bikinis! We’re going to be those obnoxious bitches who feel the need to come out of the dressing room and loiter in front of the three-way mirror, asking each other how our butts look.


  2. I so hope you’re right, Kiks. But, ps, I still have all this gdmf cellulite.


  3. when you’re skinny you will not care! other women will look at you and say, “wow, even that hot skinny bitch has cellulite” but you’ll be so happy to hear yourself called a hot skinny bitch that you don’t even hear the other part.


  4. cellulite is my nemesis and i will always care until i banish it from my life forever.



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