Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Not funny.

by margo fontaine

Hey, Kiki.  Remember that time I wrote Cellulite a hate letter and you asked me if I was talking about the less popular cousin, Arm Cellulite?  At first, I was kind of surprised that your mind would automatically go to that, seeing as how my mirror generally shows me nothing but hateful Butt and Thigh Cellulite, and I hadn’t even realized Arm Cellulite was invited to the family reunions.

But this morning, as I was innocently getting ready to take a shower, I turned my head and saw that Arm Cellulite had snuck into the bathroom and was suddenly harassing me with all his might.


(I realize this picture has nothing to do with The Cellulites, but they need to take a time out and think about what they’ve done.)

Suck on this, Cellulite. Marilyn is kicking your ass.


4 Responses to “Not funny.”

  1. That is one of my favorite photos of Miss Norma Jean.

    Also, I got a touch of the arm cellulite while 40 lbs pregnant, which is why my mind went there.

  2. mine, too.

    and that makes sense, except that you may know that i am not 40 lbs pregnant. in fact, i am 0 lbs pregnant. and this was more than a touch.

  3. It will come off. You know that the backs of arms are a favorite fat deposit. Unless, of course, you’ve been 40 pounds pregnant. My face, arms and calves are skinny. My wedding ring is falling off my hand. And yet, somehow, I still can’t fit into hardly any of my pants because this extra 12 pounds is focused between the upper thighs to lower belly.

    It fucking sucks.

  4. I’m sending you Cuckoo Anderson’s post-preggers video. I know that a lot of it has to be done with diet (that part sucks the worst!), but I’m still sending it to you. Come on. Join the Dwarf Barbie Revolution.

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