Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Fuck you, tomorrow.

by kiki dogwood

Fuck tomorrow’s weigh-in.  I just wanted to put that out there tonight.  Fuck my big, heavy boobs and fuck that scale.  This week is not my week to weigh less or to give a shit.  Oh, and also?  I get a free pass for being a maniac until I’m through this shit.

ericchoon on flickr


2 Responses to “Fuck you, tomorrow.”

  1. You absolutely do get a free pass. FUCK YOU, TOMORROW.

    Do I get to claim sympathy pains?

  2. Also, just remember that you have the best looking baby on the planet, and I am not so nice that I would say that just because we are friends. He really is The Best Looking Baby On The Planet. So, while you are taking your well-deserved free pass until the mania subsides, just focus on that gorgeous little peanut and his sweet little sea turtle gums.


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