Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Wednesday weigh-in

by kiki dogwood

164.6.  Down a measly 0.2 pounds.  $125 of Jenny Craig food for a muthereffing 0.2 pounds.

But it is no exaggeration to say that my right tit weighs about 2 pounds on its own.  Also, I’m on 1200 calories a day starting tomorrow, which can suck it.

d-anny at fickr


3 Responses to “Wednesday weigh-in”

  1. Oh, man. Tomorrow is going to friggin SUCK, friend. I’m sorry to hear that news, but I bet it means you’ll have a terrific weigh in next week…

  2. I want to die. I’ve been dizzy and feeling sick all day. There used to be a shot you’d get to dry up the milk right away but it turns out it causes BLOOD CLOTS and STROKES so it’s not available anymore. Suck it, blood clots. I have big, hard, heavy, painful boobs and I’m miserable and can’t shut up about it.

  3. Please don’t die.

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