Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

You are my sunshine.

by margo fontaine

AF-Photography on flickr

Hey, Kiki?

Anything is possible and everything is going to be okay.

It’s my new mantra.  It seems kind of cheesy sometimes, but if you say it enough, you start to feel like you just might believe it.  I promise.  Your boobs will feel better and I’ll stop waking up fat and feeling like I have to eat the entire world because I have PMS.  We’re gonna make it, and we are gonna make it SEXY.

One day soon we’ll be warding off stares and laughing about this over a can of champagne, showing off the skinniest sexiest thighs the world has ever known.

I officially declare this week doesn’t count.


2 Responses to “You are my sunshine.”

  1. I saw this in the middle of the night when my dog, who is now acting as if she’s on her death bed, began vomiting on the floor. After I cleaned it up I couldn’t get back to sleep from being in so much pain, so I got up again to pump. Then, of course, since our house is so small, the baby woke from all of the commotion so I got up again to make a bottle. I laid in bed trying to sleep and pulled this up on my phone.

    It made me smile. So thank you for that.

    We’re off to the vet soon in the new car I haven’t seen since January since it was in repairs. And guess what? Husband accidentally drove it into the the carport while lecturing me about parking too close to his car yesterday. So back to the shop we go.

    This is going to be a shitty day, you think?

  2. Probably, I’m sorry to say. Good thing it doesn’t count.

    Smooches to the Wonder Dog, and snubs to the hubs. Let me know how it goes with the vet.

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