Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Bring it, mofo!

by margo fontaine

OurFavoriteAndOurBest says this woman is trying to murder her:

Cuckoo Anderson by Eric Cahan

She is not lying either.   I think it’s a plot.

I’ve been doing Tracy Anderson’s Mat Workout DVD for awhile, and lately really liking it a more and more, even though it is clearly an exercise program for the clinically deranged.  Also, she did this dancing-on-the-treadmill challenge webisode thing, and I am totally obsessed with it.  It’s awesome.  Like, jumping-and-skipping-and-doing-noshitmotherhumping-split-leaps-on-the-treadmill AWESOME.  I love doing it at my gym because the long-distance-treadmill-runner-assholes look at me like I am a crazy lunatic, but I can tell that they are secretly wishing they were as badass as me.

BUT.  This bitch came to my house with a whole new arsenal last night, and WHATTHEFUCK?!  People are not made to move that way.   The reason she is so small is because what she does literally chisels bits of person off of her with every ridiculous combination of movement.


*She definitely knows what she’s talking about.  I’m kind of in love with her.


2 Responses to “Bring it, mofo!”

  1. she looks like a Blythe doll drawn in anime. this is insane.

  2. I know. And these new videos are RIDICK. Like a film of a lone tiny hot girl dancing in a club with voice over. She’s even wearing shiny silver pants, which she is constantly adjusting, and her studio is all dark and moody.

    But weirdness aside, the number of muscles she works at one time is AMAZING. And it’s crazy enough to keep you from knowing what you’re really doing, but still wanting to figure it out, so not really noticing that you’ve stuck with it?

    I know I’m ridiculous with all the dvds. I’m not getting any more for awhile, I swear.

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