Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Cuckoo for coconuts

by margo fontaine

cedar_9 on flickr

Kat Eden’s meat for breakfast advice has turned out to be a bit of sorcery in terms of melting the pounds.  I’m ready to do anything she tells me now, and next on the list is using coconut oil.  She explains the details better than I could, so go here and read about it.  I’ll wait.

Looks like a miracle food, right?  Boosts metabolism, strengthens the immune system, supports hormone function, good for your skin and hair…  No wonder there are so many crazy awesome looking monkeys out there.

I’ve never been a big coconut fan outside of the piña colada, but Kat tells me to use it, and Kat knows what she’s talking about.  And you know what?  THIS STUFF IS FREAKING DELICIOUS.  I use it now to cook my meat-for-breakfast chicken, and it tastes fantastic.  I used it to make crab cakes.  I use it to cook vegetables.  It tastes amazing.  It smells amazing.  It’s smooth like food-velvet and it even looks good for you.

TRY IT.  You’ll like it.*  Trust me.  How could anything that grows like this not be delicious?

Bill Adams on flickr

*Just don’t get it on you while you’re cooking, because that shit burns like fire.


5 Responses to “Cuckoo for coconuts”

  1. Kiki,

    I know Jenny is your personal chef right now, and she probably doesn’t want to hear it about the coconut oil. But do yourself a favor and go out and get some of this. Then when you are ready to tell Jenny to take her $125/wk meal plan and shove it up her Craig, you’ll be prepared to embark on the most delicious sauteing experience of your life.


  2. I can’t wait. I’m already planning on doing this meat for breakfast coconut oil thing as soon as I’m off JC in what, 10 weeks?


  3. Ladies,
    Headed to the grocery store in a few and would like some hearty meat-for-breakfast in my cart. What have you been doing? Deli meat? By itself or with a side of carbs? I want the secret stash.


  4. Lately, I’ve been cooking up a batch of chicken tenders (in the new found coconut oil) and having one every morning very first thing. Sometimes I’ll follow with yogurt or a latte and usually some fruit. If I haven’t done the cooking, then I’ll go with some deli turkey—it’s not ideal because it’s processed and tends to be higher in sodium, but I feel the protein is the important part. If it’s a weekend or a day when I have some more time, I might follow with some cereal or an omelet… But during the week, it’s out of bed and have some chicken, and then some fruit on my way to work.

    But definitely put your spin on it and share with the class!

  5. […] it sure doesn’t (need to) take over your life. And it’s definitely more than just math. As this lovely lady recently discovered, eating higher calories and changing the way you workout could be just the answer you’re […]

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