Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Getting back in the game

Legs McGee. Drink it in.

by kiki dogwood

I’ve decided to give Jenny one more week.  No adult drinky drinks.  Just my three meals, a salad, a vegetable, a milk and two fruits.  And a fiber bar for good measure.  If I’m still at this weight next Wednesday then I’m moving on to something else because Goddammit I’ve got a bikini contest to win.  Hubs will just have to fend for himself.


My tits still hurt like a muthereffer.


2 Responses to “Getting back in the game”

  1. Blake Lively is ridiculous looking!! WHO LOOKS LIKE THAT??!

    You are going to have the best weigh in next week. This 2 pounds that have mysteriously attached themselves to you, I’ll tell you what their names are: Stress and Wean. And they are not welcome in this neighborhood, even if Scale thinks it’s okay to invite them.

    Do you hear me, Scale? Leave Kiki ALONE.

  2. (also, Kiki? i’m giving up adult drinky drinks with you. again.)

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