Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Wednesday weigh-in

by kiki dogwood

163.8.  That’s 0.8 lbs less than last week.  I have lost one freaking pound in the past two weeks to the tune of $250.  Whatever.

I told them I’m starving on 1200 calories so I’m moved up to 1500.  You get one more week, Jenny.  Take off two pounds or it’s adios, bitchita.

d-anny at fickr


3 Responses to “Wednesday weigh-in”

  1. first of all there’s the stress and the hormone factor from last week for sure. but do you think that maybe your body freaked out at having 500 calories AND a nom-ing baby taken away from it all of a sudden and so started storing instead of shedding? i think it’s totally possible, and that adding 300 calories back might really help. and if it doesn’t, you should totally break up with jenny and get it on with meat-for-breakfast.

    you’re still the baddest badass i know. you can do it.

  2. I’d like to talk like this body freak out is a thing of last week but it’s still going on. I’m still in pain. 8 days of being swollen. Still leaking. Still walking around with several pounds of boobs on my chest.

    Nobody ever said it would be this hard.

  3. (that’s what she said.)

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