Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)


by margo fontaine

My girlfriend by Timothy White

I’m pretty sure I’m gay for Gina Gershon.


4 Responses to “Confession:”

  1. (her shoes don’t suck as much as they seem to. that outside heel is cut off. it’s not a dorky kitten heal. it’s a fucking hot Laboutin stiletto. and also: LOOK AT HER.)

  2. Tell me what she’s in so I don’t have to google her with high-expectations baby on my lap. Was it Baywatch or something?

    I’m pretty gay for Ellen, but you know that.

    Also, I’m gay for this chair.

  3. OH YEAH she was the sexy bitch in Showgirls who said that cocaine is good for the muscles. I remember her.

  4. Ha. I forgot about that good for the muscles thing. She’s in that movie Bound, which is not a great movie, but she is fucking hot in it.

    I’m totally gay for Ellen, too. I have dreams all the time where she is my girlfriend. I hope that chair is in the next one, it’s awesome.

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