Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Something in common

by kiki dogwood

I have something in common with Kate Hudson now.  No, it’s not the string of celebrity boyfriends, smoking weed, or being rich for no reason.  It certainly isn’t the skinny thighs.  Guess.

Why hello, farmhand. Wash my back, will you?


4 Responses to “Something in common”

  1. Is it that you are not wearing a bra right now?

    (For 3 days I have been thinking about comparing myself to Kate Hudson in terms of the incredibly shrinking boobs department. So, lately, when I think Kate, I think boobs. Which is kind of ironic, if you want to get technical.)

    Tell me!

  2. (Duh. I didn’t even see your tags. Good job, boobs!)

  3. They’re smaller, softer, and more deflated than ever. I used to have perfect tits. On the small side, but still perfect. Now I have sad nipples and National Geographic boobies.

  4. I say we put all of those enemy bitches to work doing something productive for us. Like instead of putting all of their efforts into giving us cellulite and stretch marks and thunder thighs, they can start figuring out a way to give us perfect tits. They owe us.

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