Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Two months

by margo fontaine

Are you ready, Kiki?

I’m not.  I’ve lost some weight and I feel good about my clown pants, but I am still as lumpy as ever.  And pale.  And gross.

And there is no way there will ever be that much space between my thighs.


2 Responses to “Two months”

  1. Am I ready? Are you fucking kidding me? I am 17 1/2 pounds away from where I want to be. I have only lost 6 pounds since we started this. I am terrified of showing up on June 5th.

    I’ve got to start doing squats and lunges every other day. Like I have to go to the gym for that? I can do that in my living room. In the shower. On the sidewalk. What is my problem? Why am I so lazy? Why is it not reality that I have to show up to Bikini Challenge one way or another, and I’d rather not be 17 pounds fat?

    I’m going to the gym. Today. You are my inspiration.

  2. Nine weeks is enough time to lose 17.5 pounds. You can do this, Kiki.

    I know that most of weight loss is diet (and you’ll be getting a Kat Master Plan soon), but exercise is really going to help your metabolism (not to mention bikini toning, duh), so DO IT. I know it’s hard and you have a million other things to do. But you can do this. Just decide to do it.

    Even when you can’t take an hour to go to the gym, give Jillian 20 minutes. TWENTY MINUTES. That ain’t no thing.

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