Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Oh, yeah.

by margo fontaine

Hey, Kiki.  Remember that time we were going to have a bikini challenge and that friend of yours (who isn’t me) said that she was too old to wear a bikini?  And remember when it turned out that she is younger than we are?  You might not remember that I wanted to tell her to suck it, because I don’t think I ever told you about that because she is your friend and everything.  But I’ve been thinking about it lately.

And I’ve decided that she can suck it.

Namely, she can suck on this:

Yeah, that's right.

This is Dara Torres, who was born in 1967 AND she’s a mom.  That makes her 8 years older than I am, with more kids, and if I’m older than this other friend of yours, then Other Friend can triple suck it.

Just a little something for you to ponder at the gym tonight.



One Response to “Oh, yeah.”

  1. This rivals my girl crush on Ellen.

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