Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)


by margo fontaine

So, the good news is that all my clothes are too big for me.  The bad news is that I have nothing to wear.

I hate shopping.  And I have this fear that as soon as I buy new clothes, I’ll get fat again and not be able to wear any of them.  The reason I have this fear is because this is what usually happens.  The clothes that are currently dropping off me, I finally broke down and bought 6 or so months ago because I just couldn’t face the muffin top anymore.

This morning, I went rummaging through my closet for something to wear to work that didn’t look at like M. C. Hammer bought it, and I found a pair of pants that I’d put away for being too small almost immediately after I bought them.  They fit and I wore them (belt comfortably on notch 4!) and that was nice and all…

But you know what sucks about going from wearing clothes that are falling off you to wearing clothes that fit?  You don’t feel so skinny anymore.


2 Responses to “Meh”

  1. There are worse things to complain about, you bitchy bitch.

  2. Yeah, well. Give me a break. It took all I had to not through myself out the window today. And I’m spending the evening with Tangueray, so soon all the pants will fit again just fine.

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