Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Friday fat check

by margo fontaine

hoho0482 on flickr

More like day-after-margaritas-with-the-ladies-water-retention check.  I know.  What was I thinking doing that the day before a weigh-in?  I kept the rest of my calories in check that day, but forgot to up the water intake.  So, yeah, yeah.  Excuses, excuses.

Today’s weight: 133.4
(Yesterday’s weight: 131.4)

No margaritas this week.  I swear.


9 Responses to “Friday fat check”

  1. Dude. You are a fat-melting MACHINE. Seriously, this is insane! Crikey, maybe I need to try the meat-for-breakfast thing again.

    Here’s a question: Do you keep your cals to 1200 even on the days you exercise? I have an iPhone app that tracks calories and exercise and I have it set to a goal of *net* 1200, but that sometimes comes out to actually consuming upwards of 1700 or 2000 calories in a given day if I’ve been to the gym. I think I might die if I was supposed to stay on 1200 AND expect to exercise. Die.

  2. I actually haven’t lost that much weight the last couple of weeks…

    And the meat-for-breakfast thing didn’t sit all that well with me until I found the right amount, which is truthfully not that much. Just one chicken tender is all I have, which might be an ounce.

    I don’t count calories anymore. I was doing 1200, and tracking it online and keeping to it pretty regularly. But I realized that tracking cals was making me think about NOTHING but food all the time, and in a way I felt that was making me fatter. So, I trust that I know by now what kinds of things keep me in that calorie range and I don’t go crazy. (Except for last night’s margaritas.)

    BUT. To maybe better answer your question, I wasn’t tracking the calories burned and so giving myself more when I exercised. I just wasn’t giving myself a hard time about going over the 1200. And I make sure to eat some kind of protein about and hour before and within 30 minutes after working out, which helps a lot. Usually more chicken.

    Actually, now what I do is make an extra large batch of chicken at the beginning of the week and I use it for breakfast, and for snacks. And anytime I’m feeling hungry (or: craving something), I have a bite of chicken and it helps.

    Please don’t die.

  3. soo if I may be so bold – !! – what was your starting weight and what is your goal??

    I’m going to put my shit out there for all to see too: Starting weight: 134 (well that’s my weight now…..) goal: 124

    My attitude sucked yesterday …. and the day before that. And sooo I need to get my game on and I will start on Monday – when my kids go back to their fathers house and I have gotten rid of all the easter candy and the BF and I have finished all of the beer in the house. hahahaha!!

  4. HA!! I can’t even tell you how many times I have finished all of the wine in the house. Or… more recently… all the gin in the house. (SHAME, Margo.)

    Good for you and 134!!

    My first weigh-in on this scale (this lying jerk scale!) was 144.something—144.6, I think? Which was in the afternoon, so I think my first real friday morning weigh in was 141.8. I said before that my goal is 127, but that’s only because I am afraid to say that it’s 125. (I am 5’3″ by the way.)

    Kiki made some ridiculous mention of 115 on the phone yesterday, but I’ve forgiven her and decided to pretend it never happened. I think maybe I can make my goal 120 for this bikini challenge (though, maybe not maintaining it forever), but I’m going to have to get to 125 before I commit to that. I’m kind of a chicken.

    But I think 10 pounds by June 5th, is totally doable.

    (Incidentally, I cannot remember the last time I weighed 125. So, WHEN I get there it’s going to be kind of a big deal.)

  5. That made me laugh hard. For a while. The whole don’t die thing.

    I just did some calculations and I was eating about 1.3 oz of chicken in the morning. Maybe too much for me. Perhaps will try again with less, or try to substitute a non animal protein source. I gotta lay off the protein bars, too (the kind with chocolate, not martinis); I’m obsessed with having those before a workout.

    And 115 is your bitch.

  6. Kiki wants everyone to know that her starting weight was 190 and it’s now 162, so props all around to Kiki.

    Except that a lot of that was baby. And placenta.

  7. And!! 115 is not outrageous for you, no matter what you say. At your height, it gives you a BMI of 20.4, which is not supermodel skinny, but it’s on the skinnier side of the BMI.

    When I lived in LA I came home weighing 137 which means my BMI was 20.2. Yes, people were like wow, you’re thin. But they weren’t like wow, we need to get you into rehab of some kind. It was a really good weight for these thighs.

  8. Kiki! You rock too, I have no munchkins myself, but I’ve seen friends (and my ex-trainer!) struggle with post-baby, so you go with your bad self. I’m currently contemplating Jillian, but this second cup of coffee and my pjs might win.

  9. I’m so glad I was eating breakfast just now when made to think about your placenta.

    I wasn’t saying 115 is ridiculous because it will make me look like a crack addict. I was saying it is ridiculous because I am a big wuss with very little willpower and it seems like the only way to make 115 my bitch is to eat nothing but air and lemon water. And meat for breakfast, obvs.

    But 115 would be a really good weight for these thighs, you’re right. And it wouldn’t kill me to set a big goal for myself once in awhile, and if the only reason I don’t is because I think I’ll never make it, then of course I’ll never make it. Margo needs to get some stamina. And also some cooking lessons, because the other part of not believing it is that I just don’t feel like cooking. Ever. And it seems I’m not allowed to eat cereal anymore and raw vegetables are even grosser than cooked ones.

    So, OK. I’LL MAKE 115 MY BITCH. But if I get there and still have cellulite, somebody is going to the bone yard. Not you, Kiki. I’m just saying.

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