Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

For your information

by margo fontaine

I just ate vegetable soup AND spinach salad.  And I have carrots and hummus for an afternoon snack later.

That is all.


4 Responses to “For your information”

  1. *thumbs up*

    For YOUR information, I was on my way down to the cafeteria to make myself a spinach salad, when I passed a table of bagels and cream cheese.

    This is not going where you think it is. I consumed bagels and cream cheese and cheese and crackers and never made it to the cafeteria. I am weak.

    Good on ya!

  2. That made me laugh, anon.

    I am so proud of you, M. This is the year of the Margo.

  3. One of our search terms today is So, welcome whoever that is.

  4. Anon brings the smiles.

    (welcome, blowme!)

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