Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

One day I WILL look like this.

by margo fontaine

I just had to post something up here to get your gross porn butt shot away from my first line of vision.

You’re welcome.


5 Responses to “One day I WILL look like this.”

  1. You’re lucky. I almost put up a completely waxed pearl thong shot but thought better of it.

  2. Ha! Pearl thong!

  3. Have you noticed how photoshopped her thighs are in that picture? Which is stupid. Because she’s so perfect on her own.

  4. Her thighs look better in real life by far. But jeely cly!, girl, get some LINING in your bikini bottoms. Yow.

  5. The Fug Girls would call that a polterwang.

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