Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Showing my commitment

by kiki dogwood

I am so stressed out from fussface and wanting to eat pizza and drink half a bottle of wine.  Instead, I am putting it out into the universe that I’m rolling my workout pants on over these fat thighs, running sprints, then doing lunges and squats in my living room.  And it will be so.


2 Responses to “Showing my commitment”

  1. AND THIS IS WHY YOU ARE BADASS. You can do it, Kiki.

  2. Girlfriend – You can do it!!!

    I know that the stress that surrounds babies is mind-bogglingly overwhelming and can sink you faster than three anchors tied around your neck . . . I remember when my kids were little!!!
    Now that my boys are teens; I wish so badly I could go back to the time when they were babies. Life seemed easier when they were wearing diapers! Maybe I’m just being sappy and perhaps I have re-written history… who knows~~

    I just wanted to let you know that we believe in you! And we appreciate you sharing your life (struggles and all) and being a kick ass motivator!!

    Keep your chin up – do what you can! We are rooting for ya!!!

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