Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Two things

by kiki dogwood

1.  If someone had told me straight up after having Baby, “You will plod along, losing three quarters of a pound per week, if you try to eat well and get some exercise when you have the energy,” I would have been fine with that.  Instead, I had totally unrealistic expectations about the miracle of breastfeeding and my body answering to the math of Jenny Craig.  So I’m feeling disappointed at my progress.  But the truth is, to continue at three quarters of a pound per week from here on out will get me back to my pre-pregnancy weight* by Bikini Challenge and my baby will be almost 9 months old.  Nine months on, nine months off.  You can’t ask for much more than that.  No, it’s not my goal, because my goal is 6 pounds under that, but SkinnyThighs will continue on long after Bikini Challenge.

2.  Reader Faith is awesome.  I appreciate your words of postpartum encouragement.  And you too, Anon (you know who you are).  To have strangers rooting for me a thousand miles away is something I never imagined happening when we started this, and the difference it makes in what I accomplish in a day is the difference between success and failure.  So thank you.

3.  OK one more thing.  I’ve been eating turkey slices for breakfast but cooked up a few slices of ribeye steak last night and put them in the fridge to have this morning.  I nuked one for a few seconds to have just now but I thought I was going to throw up and ended up feeding it to the dog; even the meat I spit out of my mouth already chewed.  Beef is not breakfast food.

* I just realized that this is not true.  Early morning brain and math do not mix.  My pee-on-the-stick weight was 151.6 and Bikini Challenge is in 7.5 weeks.  I need to lose weight at 1.3 lbs per week to make that number.  Ouch.


9 Responses to “Two things”

  1. Let’s not continue this charade. Nice to meet you. I’m Franny. 🙂

    And we might not know you, but we know you can do it, even if you don’t! ‘Tis one of the merry things about the interwebs. Once you get past the trolls and the penis enlargement spams, there are nice folks out here.

    I’m with you on the beef. I never understood why steak and eggs was on the brunch menu.

  2. Hooray for Franny! And for Faith. I’m totally with Kiki—knowing that you’re out there makes a huge difference.

    (Steak and eggs is on the brunch menu because brunch is not breakfast.)

    Also, I would like you to know that when I came to check the site and saw this post it was because i was about to search for a picture of Eeyore in a bikini because that is how I feel today. So, you’re not alone, Kiks. And it’s a good thing we have F & F because I’m pretty sure we’d otherwise soon change this blog to be BigFatMartiniDrinkers.

  3. aww shucks – but you have no idea how you two have inspired me!! I need to know that I have someone out there cheering me on and motivating me or else I get lazy.

    Plus I have three sister in laws that are all skinny bitches (literally and figuratively) and friends that are not concerned about weight-loss and bikini challenges and all that

    soooo I need you guys too!!

  4. Now that I’m going through all this myself I reckon we are bloody brilliant to be getting even close to back in shape at 9 months after squeezing a person out. Before I was pregnant I merrily and ignorantly thought it would be done in 6 weeks. Max. What an idiot!!!

    OH – pleaseeeeee don’t use the microwave, it changes the molecular structure of proteins and fats making them undigestible. COld food is the go – or pan heating ….

  5. No.

    I would never eat again.

  6. Neither would Margo. Maybe this is the secret to skinny thighs.

  7. Margo eats her breakfast meat cold. Even beef.

  8. You already knew the cold rule? Then I’m going back to turkey slices.

  9. I know the cold rule, but mostly I’m just that lazy. And microwaved meat tastes funny to me. Cold chicken breast is better for you than deli meat, because it’s not processed and has a LOT less sodium…

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