Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

I found an out

by kiki dogwood

We show up to Bikini Challenge in cutoffs and t-shirts and tell the ladies this:


10 Responses to “I found an out”

  1. As God is my witness, Kiki, I just watched this episode LAST. NIGHT. and I thought this EXACT. SAME. THING.

    Aside from the fact that we are not lesbians and we hate each other’s politics, we were so totally meant to be.

  2. Wow. I did not watch it last night but for some reason woke up thinking about it this morning. We had a brain meld.

  3. On an unrelated note: holy. Interesting.

  4. “Scientific proof that life is unfair.” Nice.

    So I need a standing desk at work, and to get rid of my sofa altogether.

    Do they sell replacement feet?

  5. Kat Eden would call bullshit on this. On one had you’ve got a guy saying that weightloss is simple subtraction (and my postpartum ass will tell you it’s not) and then they go right into talking about how hormones are released in women that increase appetite.

    If you’ve got hormones for appetite, why not consider that all kinds of hormones are involved? And if you’ve got a greater appetite and are driven to eat when you’re trying to lose weight, then maybe running on the treadmill for an hour isn’t the smartest idea.

    Were we just talking about losing weight by using a desk that you stand up at? I can’t remember where I had this conversation just the other day. It must have been from this article.

    I worked at a department store a few years ago and we were not allowed to sit down. At all. Ever. It took a few weeks to get used to (my feet were crying within an hour everyday) but one thing I noticed was that I could eat cake all day but my pants were falling off of me.

  6. mmm… cake.

    (the standing up desk thing was another NYT article, which I think FrannyAnon also gave us.)

    (I am totally standing at my desk right now typing this. DO YOU HEAR ME, 120??)

  7. Kiki – you were probably talking about it because I posted a link a few weeks ago to a NYT article that was related, about how people are working standing up at their desks for this reason (ie you have a bigger impact on your metabolism standing/walking around/taking the stairs than if you exercise for an hour then sit all day).

    I have to say, this totally makes sense to me. I like your department store story. I have my own. Ready?

    So back in January, right around when I discovered you guys, I had a major medical drama that resulted in a “no exercise for a month” doctor’s order (gasp!). I had just, that very day, gotten down to my goal weight after putting on a few (8) pounds after moving in the the beau and learning how to cook. THAT DAY there was drama and no gym For. A. Month!

    So I quit calorie counting and tried not to worry about gaining it back (I wasn’t even allowed to walk). A month went by, I returned to my beloved gym, and had lost an additional 5 pounds. WTF??

    Of course now that I’m back to working out, I’ve gained it back (and am creeping past it) but have since been looking for some sort of rational explanation. How stupid. I suppose it could be muscle, but I doubt it.

    That is my verbose Monday morning story.

  8. Oops – haha, my browser auto-completed my name. 🙂

  9. Woah! That’s crazy. Maybe you were driven to be hungrier once you went back to the gym BUT maybe your body was releasing crazy hormones once you started working out again? (Hell if I know.)

    Have you changed your workout to be mostly weights and not cardio since being introduced to Kat?

  10. I’ve definitely gone a bit light on the endurance cardio since Kat, so I try to only do cardio that involves high-intensity intervals and do my steady-state runs on my “relaxing” days – never longer than a half hour. Oh and I cut my spinning classes down from 2x/week to once/week (in addition to 3x/week cardio+ weights -Kat would say waaay too much stress hormone from cardio). I’m also trying to make sure my heart rate is up during the weights. However, I am a bit nervous that the 5 lbs WAS pure ass-muscle, and while I know that is the goal of this here blog, in my case it meant my pants didn’t fit and it LOOKED bigger, even if it was “healthier”. So I’m actually trying to scale back on the squats a *little* bit or ease up on the squatting weights so I get myself to a nice balance of lean muscle without all the ass-bulk. Honestly, I don’t know though. It’s quite strange.

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