Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Let’s ponder

whether or not I should buy this.  Those are my colors, right?  Yes, it’s only April and yes, I’m still fat.  However, I will not be fat in another month, but in another month the swimsuits will be picked through and I’ll be reduced to buying something online without being able to try it on first, which is a total waste of shipping.


Portofino by ABS


9 Responses to “Let’s ponder”

  1. Love it! Its tiny and will accentuate your lovely thighs!!

    I have discovered an online swimsuit shop that I love! its associated with gap & banana repulic and all them: Athleta.

    ((( I have no idea how to make it an embedded link – sorry! )))

  2. I think you just add .com and it’ll work.

    I’ve heard of that store but I thought it was only yoga gear, so they must have branched out. I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks!

  3. SO CUTE, Kiki, do it. Where is it from?

    Thanks for the Athleta tip! I think if I buy a suit now, it will reinforce the realness of the situation.

  4. Exactly. It is VERY real. Bikini and heels and a can of champagne.

  5. Oh it’s from Nordstrom. Now that I have y’alls blessings I think I’ll go try it on today.

  6. I’m looking at Athleta now and I love how athletic their models are (duh). I saw a model on Macy’s site yesterday who looked like a heroin prostitute but couldn’t snag the photo to post because it was flash. But if you look at Macy’s suits you’ll see the blond skeletor.

  7. I am going to get my new smaller bikini now too!!
    I will put it in a small tiny purse and bring it with me everywhere so that I am constantly reminded that i really really want to lose this extra weight and I really really want to lose front thigh cellulite. If my will power begins to falter I will pull it out and look at it and remember what I want more: not a martini but thin thighs, not a walk in the park but sprints!


    That is a really good idea, Faith. I think I’ll try it, too.

    (Kiki, even if you buy this, we are still going bikini shopping.)

  9. It is such a good idea. If I ever went anywhere, which I don’t, I would totally do it.

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