Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

I just read this:

Irony of ironies — you actually can smooth out bumpy thighs with food. “Cellulite is at least partially genetic, so you can’t completely eradicate it, but ingesting foods that strengthen blood vessels, collagen and elastin fibers has been shown to improve the appearance of cellulite, says dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad, author of “The Cellulite Solution.” The goal is to consistently eat a diet rich in cellulite-smoothing foods like goji berries (which are loaded with trace minerals, beta carotene and antioxidants), eggs and soy (because they’re full of cell-repairing lecithin) and walnuts, coldwater fish and olive oil (rich in Omega 3s and other essential fatty acids).



9 Responses to “I just read this:”

  1. coconut oil (internally although externally is great moisturiser!) is also said to reduce cellulite …

  2. Kiki Dogwood, you’re my hero.

    Why does everyone want me to eat walnuts? Are they better for you than other kinds of nuts?

    Hooray for coconut oil. I am about to start bathing in it and eating it like soup for every meal, followed by goji berries for dessert.

    (Also: don’t eat soy, people. It’s not good for you.)

  3. Is it soy or processed soy that’s not good for you? Surely eating edameme is not the same as eating a tofu burger.

    Every person I’ve ever known who is seriously into nutrition wants me to eat raw walnuts. I’m putting them in my lunch salad now.

  4. Dried Goji berries, the Himalayan superfruit. I bet they could go in the salad, too.

  5. you can get the goji berries cheaper at

    I get all of my raw nuts and chia seeds through them. Small family business – first class customer service – cheaper prices and next day delivery.

  6. I don’t know where to post this – but I just had to share

    I have discovered BOOT CAMP! the ymca that I go to offers it on Monday & Friday mornings at 6am. It is one hour of ass kicking!! It is interval training at its best. I LOVE IT. everytime i get exhausted from sprints and burpees and think I’m gonna puke doing stairs – i kept thinking: “skinny thighs, tiny butt, flat belly”

  7. I don’t know Faith. Do I want skinny thighs bad enough to do a boot camp? My gym offers it too, and some of my friends teach one about an hour away. Aren’t boot camps at 5am by definition?

  8. Re: soy—

    I read that the health properties that were touted by the ancients about soy referred only to it’s fermented form—and that pretty much none of what we consume is fermented.

    BUT. About an hour ago, I heard (from someone who just wrote a book and researched the subject of seeds and plants and crops over the last few decades) that 95% of the soy grown in the US is genetically modified organism. NINETY-FIVE PERCENT. IS NOT NATURAL TO THE EARTH. It’s owned by Monsanto (a CORPORATION—gross), and you have to get permission to use it (ie: BUY IT FROM THEM) because they OWN the INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS to the “design” of the seed. It’s all fake, people. DON’T EAT IT. (Plus, it messes with your estrogen and your thyroid.)

    Sorry to get all capital letters and shouty on you.

    Thanks for the nut site, Faith! (I’m ignoring the boot camp thing for now because I am a wuss.)

  9. Ignoring the boot camp idea is great. I will also ignore it.

    I have a granola relative-in-law who eats tons of soy, and continued to do so while she was pregnant. WITH A BOY. She did not know that soy often inhibits their testicles from dropping because it is a phyto-estrogen. Stupid. She would also feed a baby honey, which is deadly.

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