Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Friday fat check: hateful hotel scale edition

by margo fontaine

hoho0482 on flickr

Number 6 on my nemesis (es?) list is Hateful Sonofabitch Hilton DoubleTree Hotel Scale.

It says I weigh 135.  And I put a 20 lb. weight on the scale to prove it was a lying liar, and you know what it said?  20 lbs.

FUCK YOU, SCALE.  I do not weigh 135.  I bet you money that if I was on my home scale, it would have at least said 132.8.  And that’s still higher than I have been, so you know I’m not just trying to make myself feel better.

This may all well be the trickster spirit of 120 trying to fuck with me, and to 120, I say: BRING IT ALL, BITCH.  I do not have TIME for this nonsense foolishness and chicanery so go ahead and get it the hell out of your system.  DO YOU HEAR ME?  Give me a break and give it up.  I am not in the mood.



3 Responses to “Friday fat check: hateful hotel scale edition”

  1. OOOOH I love your tags.

    So, I take it that when you return you will be on Kiki’s modified Fat Flush hearts Kat Eden diet?

  2. your tags made me laugh so hard!

    that’s the reason i love visiting this site – you two absolutely crack me up!!

  3. Yes, God damn it, I am doing Kiki’s Modified Fat Flush Hearts Kat Eden Diet when I get back. But not with tomatoes, because: GROSS.

    My favorite part about the “hotel scales are bitches” tag is that I started typing in “hotel scale” and it popped up (as did “goddamn hotel scale”), because I had already been through this once before. (With the same gdmf bitchass scale, too, no less. Suck it, Hiltons!)

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