Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

So that you don’t look naked

I knew you were going to say that about wearing pink!  I thought it when I tried it on and then wondered, “Does Margo’s skin get tan?”

There is another great option for you at Tommy Bahama.  Also, Everything But Water might carry it.  Also, the swimsuits were OK at Nordstrom, but really Dillard’s had a great selection.  Macy’s was garbage at 2 malls, Saks is a joke, and Neiman Marcus doesn’t even sell swimsuits.

The identical top in this pretty cafe au lait shade:

and the shirred hipster bottoms:

No, they’re not quite as cute as the twisty thingy on the pink, but still pretty darn cute, and really well made.  Free shipping on right now, too.




10 Responses to “So that you don’t look naked”

  1. Of course you do NOT have to buy this suit or spend nearly this much money on a suit. I’m just throwing ideas out there in case you feel like you’re not finding something you like when you go hunting.

  2. Hi Kiki and Margo,
    I have been lurking and reading your blog the past few days and i just have to tell you that you are both fucking hilarious- I have come very close to spraying my computer with the contents of my mouth many times while reading past entries(because i was laughing- not vomiting). i found you by searching for blogs by real people following the tracy anderson method. I have gotten some good results with her old DVDs but I need a kick in the ass – so im hoping i can join bikini challenge 2010. I have NEVER followed and commented on a blog before but, I think you both are awesome and i love the fact that the phrases “weight loss journey”, “mind body connection”, and all that other bullshit is no where to be found here on skinny thighs. So please accept my application to become an official member of bikini challenge 2010!
    ps – those are great swimsuits – i look forward to putting my soon to be toned, smooth ass into one like that

  3. HOORAY FOR JAIME!! Thanks for laughing at us and for speaking up. Of course you can join Bikini Challenge 2010, as long as you keep finding us hilarious. (It’s our goal to make people laugh so hard they either spit or pee—to me that is the real “mind body connection.”)

    Kiki: Yes, Margs has tan-able skin. At least she did when she was 11 and used to expose her skin to sunlight, so I’m guessing it’s still true. I’m actually kind of wondering what the hell I’m going to do about the pasty whiteness in time for June 5th, because I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be orange or bake myself in a cancer box. (I think I’d look better in the pink one, and I do love it. But I also found another, which I’ll put up in a bit…)

  4. There are some really good self-tanners. Let’s explore this topic.

  5. Hey! Watch the “50 year old woman on a cruise” bit. Not all of us have horrible taste in bathing suits OR horrible bodies.

    You just wait, you two. I’ll be looking for your blog after you’ve hit meno, your hormones have all tanked and you are dealing with more than butt and belly pudge (like liver spots on the hands and flappy upper arms).

  6. Oh yeah, Kathleen? You want to fly down here and strut your stuff on June 5th?

    Oh wait. Nevermind. I just saw that you wrote a book about being fit and would probably put us to shame. Invite rescinded.

  7. I try. It gets harder. You’ll see. Sigh.

    The one nice thing about being over 50 is people no longer WANT to see you in a tiny bikini. People are actually looking PAST you at the 20-year-old in a bikini. So it relieves some pressure. Phew.

  8. Helen Mirren would disagree.

  9. She’s my hero! What a beauty! In one article I just Googled, she attributes her great looks at this age to “sleep.” Can I get that body by sleeping more, you think?

    I could be wrong, but I still think men are saying, “Wow, she looks amazing for 63” –and, no longer, “Wow, I could hit that.”

  10. But did you see her bikini shot? No one would be looking past this hottie:

    I would hit that.

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