Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Four things

by kiki dogwood

Four things that make Modified* Fat Flush Hearts Kat Eden bearable:

SweetLeaf.  All natural Stevia and 1 gram of fiber.  Zero calories.

otherwise cranwater will make you gag

Organicville Salad Dressing.  100 delicious calories and 3 grams of sugar.  Made with apple cider vinegar which is a huge component of the Fat Flush Plan.  Last time around I was making my own dressing from apple cider vinegar because I could not find a commercial one and it looked like cat vomit.

Orange Cranberry. Yum.

Aidells Teriyaki Pineapple Chicken Meatballs.  130 calories for 3, all natural, 6 grams of sugar.  I devour them in my salad.  They’re fully cooked so you can also eat them cold.

They're meat crack

Applegate Organic Chicken & Maple Breakfast Sausage.  No antibiotics, gluten-free, all-natural, 2 grams of sugar, 100 calories for 2.  They’re fully cooked but I would not microwave them, not just because Kat will kick your ass, but because it made them rubbery.  Warm them up in a skillet with a little coconut oil.  Seriously?  The best I’ve ever had.  I wake up each day looking forward to getting my morning sausage.

That's what she said.

*The reason I say modified is because the real Fat Flush Plan allows for no sugar, which means that you end up having to prepare every single thing you eat, which means I’m doomed to fail. So I get 11 grams a sugar a day and the plan is still working.

To put this into perspective, the FDA’s Daily Value for added sugars is 10 teaspoons, which weighs out to 40 grams. So Kiki’s doing alright.


4 Responses to “Four things”

  1. hahaha! I am so totally immature here but “looking forward to morning sausage” bwhhhaahahaha!

    Isn’t that what got you preggers in the first place???

    by the way I never commented on that pic that you posted of your amazing belly with hubby’s hand – that picture is HOT!! You will be there again!

    an exercise to get that belly again that takes about 1 minute: THE PLANK. I have attempted to do a one minute plank – whether side or straight up – every time I leave my desk to go pee (which is like a million times a day because of all the water I drink!) We’ll see if it works!

  2. Thanks for this, Kiki. Do I have to go to a special store to find these things? I have never heard of anything but the SweetLeaf (which I am not going to use because I hate stevia).

    I’m using Drew’s Rosemary Balsamic Vinaigrette, which has 0g of sugar, and is pretty decent—though, a little bland.

    Once you get good with the planks, start doing them lifting one leg for (and then the other). And then start doing them lifting one arm (and then the other). And THEN start doing them lifting the opposite arm AND leg at the same time (and then switch). It’ll also do good things for your arms. And it makes you feel like a badass.

  3. The food was bought at my local grocery store, but it’s a pretty kick-ass store for a big chain.

    Do you hate Stevia because of the taste or because of the chemical structure being similar to a steroid?

    You know what I hate? Planks. But now that we’re all doing planks together I guess I’ll have to do some planks.

  4. Is it the same local chain that I have?

    I didn’t know about the steroid thing, but now I hate it for both reasons. Plus, my crazy witch doctor (naturopath) asked my body if it was good for me (using muscle testing), and my body said no.

    I love planks.

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