Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

What do we hate more?

by kiki dogwood


1) That she’s a year late in dressing like/dancing like/being Lady Gaga

2) The dollar sign in her name

3) That she rhymed swagger with Mick Jagger

4) That she would use Mick Jagger as an example of a handsome man

Her thighs are hot, though.  I don’t usually think so because she’s rocking kicks instead of heels, but she looks good here.


8 Responses to “What do we hate more?”

  1. OHMYGOD that is my least favorite ass. It’s kind of tranny.

  2. Totally. Bad suit choice, too.

  3. I’m trying to figure out whether I would trade my better ass for her better thighs. At this point, I think I might.

    (I hate the $ the most.)

  4. I would not let you make that trade. Ass is everything.

  5. OH DEFINITELY! ass is way more important than thighs – although i will be greedy and say I want to have BOTH!!!!!!

  6. “Ass Is Everything” should be the name of our next blog.

  7. I dunno – if you have a sweet ass but nasty saddle bags and inner thighs – I think all attention will be diverted from the great ass – (the dollar sign is deff the worst) –
    (I have to admit i kinda have a thing for 70’s mick jagger – not 90’s or 00’s mick tho-not necessairly handsome just a rock star sexy kind of thing )

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