Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)


by kiki dogwood

So.  Margs.  Goji berries.  Weird, right?  I know.  Remember when you were a kid (well maybe not you, but other kids) and you found some chocolates and were so excited to eat them but when you bit into them they were filled with liqueur which at that time was so gross?  That’s what they smell like.  And taste like, but mixed into my salad there are no taste issues, just texture issues.  But I’ll chop them up and snort them if it helps fight the dimples on my ass.


One Response to “Hm.”

  1. I told you they were gross. It’s a weird thing for me, because I eat some and they’re not good and they stick in my teeth and yet I can’t stop eating them. I’m choosing to believe that Gisele (my ass) is saying “FINALLY, I have been craving these forever!!! Delicious!! More, MORE!!”

    I haven’t tried them in salad yet. Speaking of salad, I did well last week with the eating of the greens, but this week I couldn’t force myself to buy it.

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