Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Actual conversation

started by a random man at the grocery store when he saw me pick up turkey slices:

Old man:  Let me show you this!  Have you seen this?  It’s the best deal in the store!

Kiki: It’s ham.

Old man:  But it’s irregularly cut!  They price it so low!

Kiki:  I’m not buying ham.  I’m buying turkey.

Old man:  Oh!  And you know what else is the best deal in the store?

Kiki: …

Old man:  White bread!  67 cents per–

Kiki:  — I don’t eat bread.

Old man: What?  You know what the Italians say?

Kiki:  (walking off)

Old man:  They say that a day without bread is like a day without sunshine!

Kiki:  (over shoulder) Italians are fat.

Old man:  Yes they are!


One Response to “Actual conversation”

  1. Kiki is such a bitch.

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