Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Not all Italians are fat

by margo fontaine

Some of them look like this:

Monica Bellucci

I am not ashamed to say that I am completely in love with her and I want her to be my girlfriend.  Yes, really.  For Monica Bellucci, I am 7,000% gay.

Here’s something else for you to look at:

Monica Bellucci's... back


3 Responses to “Not all Italians are fat”

  1. One time, what seems like looooooong ago, I was in Italy with a Persian girlfriend who looked like this. Everywhere we went, people thought it was this movie star. We got so much free shit. Prosecco sent to our table for days and days. My friend is 15 years younger but no one seemed to notice.

  2. Maybe you should invite her to Bikini Challenge 2010. Then people will have something awesome to look at to distract them from my cellulite.

  3. She is so fucking awesome in a bikini. You do not fuck with Persian women. They will smoke you.

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