Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Wednesday weigh-in

by kiki dogwood


Oops.  I know.  Someone has been slacking.

Here’s the thing:  even though I took 2 days off of this diet this week, I really don’t mind eating this way.  I’m to the point that I don’t miss the sugar (except the booze sugar, I do miss that), and I was a sugaholic.  I’ve been a sloth about working out, but I really do love the workout.  I need my husband to kick my ass about taking the supplements, that’s for sure, and keeping up with all the cranwater.  Another problem is that I’m to the point that I look pretty good in a bikini “for a mom” and that is not something I would have said in January when I weighed 173 pounds.  Or in February when I took a “before” bikini pic at 167 with my front thigh cellulite rubbing together.  Apparently I’m just not scared enough.  But I should be.

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15 Responses to “Wednesday weigh-in”

  1. So let me get this straight – you have lost over 16 pounds since January?? WOw! That is great!!

  2. Yes. And thank you. One of my friends who is refusing to participate in Bikini Challenge was like, “Wow, Kiki! You are a weight loss machine!” To which I replied, “Girl. It’s 16 pounds over FOUR MONTHS. And that was by trying REALLY HARD.” I would not call myself a weight loss machine at that rate. And don’t use my “weight falling right off me of me” (yeah, right) as an excuse to not even try, friend (you know who you are).

  3. I know you have been working hard (and sometimes not so hard) to lose weight – but so have I – and aint no 16 pounds dropping off me!! You doing good girl!! (but don’t get all cocky) Keep up the good/hard work!!!

    here’s to another 16 pounds in 31 days! ** tipping my cranwater at ya**

  4. Let’s put this into perspective: I had a 7 lb baby at 190 pounds. My body settled at 173 within 2 weeks and stayed that way for 4 months. My ideal weight is 145 although I got pregnant at 151. My guess is that you do not have 16 pounds to lose, Miss Faith.

  5. I think that’s probably true about Faith, but take a compliment, Kiki. And a cranwater toast. *clink*

    So: you’re not scared enough. Neither am I, by the way. (I have been slacking too, this week, if it makes you feel better to have company.) So, what can we do?

    • make a public outing in a bikini where there are actual people to see us and make us understand it’s a different thing to be in a bikini in front of the bedroom mirror than outside in broad daylight in front of a bunch of our friends?

    • dictate that we’ll have to stand no more than 2 feet away from a certain pair of sisters during all of bikini challenge who will most certainly put us to shame by their body fat percentages and level of fitness, which will automatically force people to compare us to them and increase our fear-of-humiliation factor?

    Any other suggestions, readers?

  6. OMG Margs this made me bite my knuckles like I was a cartoon character. Does this mean I’ll be seeing you on Saturday in public nearly naked? It IS a chance for us to work on tanning our cellulite.

    We should also agree that we will be photographed with said fit sisters.


  8. I’m a bit confused about the being-a-butthole situation, but I personally think you rock.

  9. ohhhh Kiki! you are not!! You are my inspiration! and Frannon is right YOU ROCK!!!

  10. Can’t do this weekend, as I will be doing my least favorite thing: moving. But good to know we’ve found our fear again.

    And the ladies are right. You totally rock.

  11. Another thing you might do is get this book:

    “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Sexier, Healthier YOU!”

    a co-worker let me look at it during lunch – wow! its got lots of information!!

  12. Kiki,
    This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you…
    I hate to be the one to brake up the cran water toasting and merriment but these last 10-15 pounds are the HARDEST to loose. Its time to get your ass to the gym! You have absolutely done a great job -so far- but this is skinny thighs not “good for a mom”thighs. I know you have it in you – you need to keep heading down the milf road – Don’t you see Kat, Heidi, Jessica, Jennifer, and Monica there waving to you to come join them. They are so close! DO NOT head down the “good for a mom” road and hangout with the “shes alright – for a mom” chicks while they slurp venti frappucinos and finish up their kids french fries. You need to get the FEAR back – I am counting on you. And take the damn supplements – when you are this close, you need every advantage you can get. Get that fear – get skerrd – cause bikini chalenge is coming and it shows no mercy – it will step to you and knock that can of champange right out of your hand if you are not ready for it.

    That is all – i am going to go eat now(turkey and mixed greens) and plan my workout for tomorrow.

  13. Jaime, don’t make me go lesbo on you.

  14. Good girl, Jaime.

  15. *golf claps*

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