Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Just so my weight isn’t the first entry anymore

by kiki dogwood

and also because these are exactly the thighs I dream of.  Which is to say that I dream of photoshopped thighs.

Hollaback thighs


14 Responses to “Just so my weight isn’t the first entry anymore”

  1. I also dream of photoshopped thighs. And ass. And skin.

    Damn, she’s good looking.

  2. You’ve GOTTA be really good looking and hard bodied (and photoshopped)to look that hot in a granny bathing suit

  3. I tried on the Zac Posen for Target one-piece that is granny like this and it looked like my thighs were trying to escape.

  4. Nevermind. It was this one, pulled lower than it is on the model. There’s all this fabric. I didn’t know how low it was supposed to go.

  5. That is not a flattering suit, Kikis. It’s not you.

    I have wanted an Esther Williams suit forever. I just love them and I’m sure they would do me no favors in the thigh department. I always thought I would be better suited to the 40s than to now, but I’m rethinking it based on my thighs and this bathing suit.

  6. Believe me margo, i’m not hatin’ on the suit by calling it a granny suit.. because when you are at 120 you should get that suit and wear it to damn grocery store – because a hot body is a hot body no matter what decade.

  7. 115 is Margo’s real bitch. She hasn’t come to terms with it yet but she will by July, when we’re running around naked.

  8. Oh, I totally love the granny suit. I’m not getting hate from you. And even if I were, I wouldn’t care, because I seriously love them. When I said it wasn’t flattering, I meant the Tommy Bahama one that Kiki tried on. I love the one Stefani is wearing.

    And Kiki, stop trying to scare away 131 and 120 again by bringing up 115. That was agony last time.

  9. You need a menage with 120 and 115.

  10. Hot. I’m in. (Can my stretch marks come?)

  11. What? Stretch marks from what? The huge boobs you grew in puberty? I grew a person and don’t have stretch marks. No. They can’t come. Tell them to fuck off.

  12. No, not from huge boobs, obviously, and thanks for rubbing that in. They are from the huge thighs I grew in puberty.

    How do you not have any stretch marks after growing a person?!

  13. I’m not sure, but I don’t. Even when I was on the table to have them cut the baby out, the nurse looked at the doctor and said, “This is one of the prettiest bellies I’ve ever seen!”

    I’m not kidding. She wasn’t even saying it to me.

  14. I thought it when I saw your bikini pics. You lucky bitch.

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