Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

All on the line

by margo fontaine

I had my DEXA scan today… and was pleasantly surprised.  I’m still mortified by the picture of my enormous saddle bags, but the numbers are much improved from a year ago:

My bones only weigh SIX POUNDS, y’all!  But it helps to know that I am only 34 lbs of fat.  And you have to have SOME fat, or else you turn into a Tracy Gold after school special (Lord bless her).

For the record, between last May and this May, I went up before I went down—probably by 4 or 5 pounds.

When I did it the last time, I weighed more at the end than at the beginning, because I had gained muscle—but I still lost fat.  So long as I get these friggin’ saddle bags off me, I don’t care how much I weigh.

(But 120 is my bitch.)


6 Responses to “All on the line”

  1. You are lucky you get to do the dexa scan – it will be cool to see what your numbers are at 120. Can you imagine if your trainer or somebody said , “we really need to work on your gynoid area”

  2. Woah. That is some information there, y’all. Look at how you’ve lost 14% of the fat in your spare tire, Margs! Let’s hear it for Margs’ spare tire, everyone. Adios, saddlebags.

    I was talking to the hubs about this today and as you probably know, he went to undergrad at your university and it turns out that he did this too! But he was 19 (can you picture how cute my husband must have been at 19?! I would sex him so hard!) and his body fat was in the single digits. And they gave him a pair of Nike shoes as payment after all the hours he put into it.

  3. I want one.

  4. It’s awesome. If you could find some study somewhere that will give one to you for free, DO IT.

    And wft, Kiki? They don’t give out shoes anymore.

  5. How did you get yours again? I know you posted on it before but I can’t find it.

  6. There is a Fitness Institute at the University where I work and they do a fitness program a few times a year. It’s part of a long-term study somehow and so they do a scan for everyone at the beginning and end of every 12 week program, to gather their data for the study.

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