Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)


by margo fontaine

While I have to say that I’m pretty much over her because of the ever-present pissy smirk on her face and what seems to be a demeanor completely devoid of any sense of humor, there’s no denying she’s on the top 10 list.

I mean, look at her.  Christ.

Angelina Bitchface Jolie


5 Responses to “Obviously”

  1. Do you think she walks around her house all day making that face? Or does she crack a smile?

  2. Also, little known fact: Angelina and I were born only one day apart. We were made to be BFFs, should I ever run into her.

  3. How could she talk to her kids with that face on? And Brad is funny, so if she never laughs around him, that is a total waste of Brad Pitt.

  4. umm… kiki – does that mean that bikini challenge is on your birthday??

  5. Hell yes it’s my birthday, bitches.

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