Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

Wednesday weigh-in

by kiki dogwood


Not bad, not bad.  Still not coming to terms with the flabbing of the flab that will happen in 24 days I have no fucking idea why.  Get with it, Kiki!  24 days!  I need to work out EVERY SINGLE DAY as opposed to, oh, not at all.  Jeez.

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10 Responses to “Wednesday weigh-in”

  1. it’s interesting that you would keep giving me such grief about 115 when you will not get off your fat ass and work out.

    good job on the weight loss, kiks. you’re awesome. now, stop googling light fixtures and get off your ass. you can do it. and you must.

  2. The truth is, I hurt myself. It’s stupid and it’s a sign that I’m getting old, but I’ve been hobbling for a week. I was playing around and did something to my knee cap and it hurts so badly to straighten my leg. I can’t run, I can’t squat, I can’t lunge.

    Does this mean I can’t do crunches and workout upper body? No. It means I am lazy.

  3. Also, that was for this week. But what about the 2 weeks before the hobbling?

    Kiki. You know I love you. Which is why I will not let you embarrass yourself in 24 days. Do you hear me?


    Do 100 crunches. Right now.

  4. Ugh. OK. Am doing it, under the TV with Pam Anderson on Ellen. FOR YOU.

    Maybe this will be effective– if you randomly send me texts with things to do immediately.

  5. I sure am getting a lot of assignments around here, when you’re the one with the time on your hands.


  6. OMG just shut up and do what I tell you. God.

  7. I’m only doing it if you swear to Salma Hayek’s sweet tatas that you will DO WHAT I TELL YOU. I don’t have time to waste on this if you’re just going to ignore me like you have been my other Tu/Th/Fri work out texts. I’ve got my own Bikini Challenge to win.


  8. FINE.


  9. But don’t do it at 10:00 at night anymore. That sucks. And I was busy.

  10. I’m busy all goddamn day, Kiki. Do you want skinny thighs or don’t you?

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