Get to work, bitch. (probably NSFW.)

You know what?

by margo fontaine

I’ve been watching Law & Order: SVU and that Sharon Stone is one terrific looking lady.  Behold:

I'm over 50. My thighs put you to shame.


10 Responses to “You know what?”

  1. I think her secret is in being a cannibal. Also, she cuts her own hair, which explains a lot.

  2. Nahhh. She’s not on my list.

    Saw these pictures a few years back and ever since then I think she’s a-lookin-rough.

  3. I’m not saying she’s list worthy. I’m just saying she’s got something. And really, it’s not something that translates to pictures very well. She looks much better moving and talking.

  4. Oh no. Definitely not on the list.

  5. she came into a store i worked in about 10 years ago. she was very beautiful without any makeup on, also very demure, – it must be hard to age in front of the whole world – She was the epitome of sexiness in the basic instinct days

  6. Well now I feel bad. Thanks, Jaime.

  7. good, now you can channel those bad feelings into your workout – take it out on your thighs Kiki

  8. !!!

  9. I know, Margo. I know.

    Jaime, don’t doubt that I am fully capable of tracking you down and smacking you upside the head with my fat thighs. Sleep with one eye open.

  10. She’ll do it, too, Jaime. Even though you’re right.

    But at least you’ll know that you helped her to get her fat ass up to do some exercise.

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